Beacon Basics

Your event is getting Beacons! 

The producers of this event have partnered with Aloompa to bring attendees an enhanced on-site experience through the mobile app! Attendees with the mobile app will be able to build and view their own schedule, check out food & beverage vendors, and receive proximity-based notifications on their mobile devices. Part of the way we do this is through the use of iBeacon technology!


So what is a Beacon, exactly? 

A beacon is a small wireless device that transmits a continuous radio signal that interacts with smart devices via Bluetooth. We use these signals to trigger reactions on a user’s device. These reactions are delivered to users in the form of a notification on their lock screen and can include welcome messages, stage information, merchandise offers, and more! The beacons themselves are small black plastic boxes that are slightly smaller than the palm of your hand. (See the picture below!)


We need your help!

We want everyone to have the best possible experience with the mobile app and we need your help to make that happen. Here are few ways that you can help to ensure things run smoothly!

  • Please leave the beacons where they are.

  • Please make sure that nothing is obstructing the beacons.

  • If you notice someone tampering with a beacon, kindly ask them to stop.

  • Download the event app to make the most of the event!

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