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Active User During [time window]: A single, unique individual who opens the app within the designated time window.

Affinity Categories: Google creates so-called "affinity categories" as a system for broadly identifying and organizing users in terms of their lifestyles. Examples of such categories are "Foodies","Runners", and "Avid Readers." Users may identify with more than one category.

Average Screens per Session: The average number of screens that a User visits within one Session.

Average Session Duration: The average amount of time that users spend in the app during one Session.

Average Time on Screen: The average amount of time that a user spends on one individual screen before navigating to a different screen or closing the app.

Beta: Short for "beta test." Until we release an app to the iTunes Connect or Google Play store, each of our apps is technically still "in beta." This means that it is in the preproduction testing phase. Brand new android apps are first submitted to the Beta testing module in the Google play console rather than submitted for sale, where they are vetted by Google's team. 

CMS: The Content Management System (CMS) is the app's mission control center. Each app has its own CMS profile, where its digital content is created, stored, and managed. Information that passes through the CMS can be performance lineups, restaurant listings, map coordinates, or all of the above. 

OTA: OTA stands for "Over The Air." You'll hear this term when we talk about items that can be changed after an app has been shipped to the store or after it is live and your users have started downloading the app. For example, you can change all of your app data (performers, event schedules, etc.) OTA, but not the order of the home screen buttons.

Partners Screen: You can choose to include a designated screen to list your event's partners &/or sponsors. This list includes a branded image provided by your sponsors that will take the user to the sponsor/partner's website when clicked.

Places of Interest (POI): Categorical lists of food vendors, hotels, shopping, and other attractions that enhance the experience of your event's attendees. POI's are not just restricted to these categories-- virtually anything can be a POI.

Push Notification Engagement Rate: The rate at which Users swiped or tapped to open a push notification, bringing them to the app.

Schedule Adds: If you've selected the "My Schedule" feature, which allows users to build their own attendance schedules, you can choose to track and display how often a particular artist or event is added to a User's personal schedule.

Screen View: When the user views a single screen in the app. Navigating to a different screen triggers a Screen View for both the previous and consecutive screens.

Session: Each individual use of your app by a user (aka - the number of times your app was opened). A single user may engage in more than one session.

Sponsor Banner: Banner images of a chosen sponsor's branded image. These can appear within different sections of the app, such as in the Schedule and POI sections. Different sponsor images can be displayed at random and can link to the sponsor's website when clicked. 

User: A single, unique individual using the app on one device.

Webview: A button that links to a mobile website within the app. WebViews work like a mini web browser to incorporate an internet page of your choice and/or functionality that is not natively built into the app. 

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