What can I update on my app?

All of your event data (performers, events, stages, sponsor banners) can be changed and published at any time. If you are able to change it in the CMS platform, it can be updated at any time. Thanks to this flexibility, most items are able to be updated and changed once your app is live in the app stores. Please review below for more details on items that cannot be updated in the CMS and require Aloompa's assistance. 

The following items require a new version of the app to be submitted to the app store and may cost an additional charge to implement. 

Approval of the app is dependent on Apple / Google, the timeframe for the new version to be available for download will vary.

  • Adding new features to your app. This includes, but is not limited to any 3rd party integrations (AXS, Ticketmaster, Crowd Connected, Cue Lightshow, Facebook, MapsPeople, DoStuff My Schedule Sync, etc.) as well as Aloompa's Rewards functionality and Presence. In addition, if we develop new-to-Aloompa functionality after your app has shipped that you would like to include, this will require a reship.
  • App icon or name that displays on your smartphone.
  • Images that display as the app is being launched (launch image, background image, and launch icon).
  • Linking to other apps.
  • Apple AppStore Meta Data.
  • Landing Pages that link out to external apps. 
  • If any mobile device side bugs are identified and fixed by Aloompa, this will also require the app to be reshipped.
  • When using the Radio Native app feature, this must be turned on prior to your app being built in order for the background audio permission to work. This allows audio to play while the app is not in the foreground. If this feature is turned on after the initial build of your app a rebuild will be required. 

The following items are able to be changed OTA (Over The Air, without needing a reship) but must be made by the Client Support team. Using the Support beacon or Contact icon to contact Client Support.

The turnaround time for these changes is 72 hours.

  • Logos on your menu and displayed throughout the app (excludes launch images).
  • Menu Button Names.
  • Featured lists on the discover screen.
  • Navigation (If you would like to change where your buttons link or the type of information that is displayed within the pages then you may incur an additional charge.)
  • Weather location.
  • News Feed Image.

The following items could require design changes to your app. If you request changes to items requiring redesign after you've given design approval, there may be an additional cost to implement.

The turnaround time for any design changes after you've approved your design is 2 weeks.

  • App icon or name that displays on your smartphone.
  • Images that display as the app is being launched.
  • Discover Screen Background.
  • Menu Button Icons.
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