Returning Clients - Rebuilding Your App & Your Yearly Contract

The software industry is constantly evolving. Just one year can see multiple software updates and new devices released that may outdate the previous version of your app. In order to maintain functionality and reduce the number of bugs that your customers experience, it's important we rebuild the app every year so it's compatible with the latest technology. Aloompa rebuilds your app each year you renew your contract with us to be in compliance with all device updates, giving your customers the best experience possible. 

Rebuilding your app also gives you the opportunity to improve your app and take advantage of any updates we have implemented. Aloompa is constantly updating both our CMS tool and app with new functionality and more user-friendly designs based on feedback we receive from clients and app users.

As Aloompa is a SaaS organization (Software as a Service), your yearly contract with us means you are licensing a subscription to access our software and receive assistance from our Client Support and Development teams. Much like other SaaS organizations, such as Netflix or Mailchimp, Aloompa hosts your app and its related data using our own servers, databases, networking, and computing resources. These resources have an associated cost, which is included with your yearly subscription. Creating this IT infrastructure on your own would be a monumental task, but it's one that we are passionate about providing to our clients in a way that feels easy and manageable. 

Thank you for renewing your app with us, we are excited to be on your team for another year! 

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