Aloompa Graphic Design Asset List

If Aloompa is designing your app, the following is a required item:

• Logos (png, transparent)

If your files are larger than 10MB, please provide links to your Dropbox files. 

The following items are optional. 

• Layered photoshop files (existing file for your poster, announcement artwork, etc.)

• Fonts (.ttf)

• Hex color codes

• Style guide

If you opt to design your own home screen and/or app icon, please use the templates provided here. 

Please note that this option is for experienced graphic designers only. Your design is due by the date indicated in your timeline and must be approved by our graphic designer. Please allow time for revisions. A delay in the design stage will cause your mobile app's release date to be pushed back.

  • These templates will give you a visual guide of where your assets will appear within your mobile app. The goal is for you, or your graphic designer, to place the graphics in their desired location and then send us this template so that we can export the assets. We then upload the assets into various places within the CMS to build out the design of your app. For this reason, please do not save portions of these templates as a static images. These must be layered files. Similarly, do not design in Sketch, Figma, etc., and then save as a PDF and load it into Photoshop as that file will not include the layered assets we need to export. 
  • The artist imagery and details that appear in the template are stock imagery. We are not able to modify these for your specific event - they are meant as placeholders. Your artist lineup will appear in the final version of your app.
  • Your buttons can include icons. 
  • The countdown that displays in the templates is a Marquee. You will have the ability to modify the content that appears in that area within the CMS yourself. This is present in the template to ensure you are selecting your desired color and styling of that area. The Marquee sits over the top of the background.

Standard Design Template

Discover Design Template

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