To setup push notifications to iOS devices for your app, Aloompa requires an APNS Key from your developer account. When we have admin access, we will typically create the APNS key ourselves. However, in the event that we either do not have admin access or if 2 APNS keys exist on your account, please follow these instructions. 

When you provide Aloompa with admin access to your developer account, we can download this key ourselves. However, as all Apple Developer accounts allow up to 2 APNS keys, we might need to know which one we can use. 

Finding existing APNS Keys:

  1. Go to developer.apple.com
  2. Login in to your account
  3. Select "Certificates, Identifiers, and Profiles"
  4. Select "Keys" on the left of the screen
  5. Any existing keys will display here.
  6. To verify they are APNS keys, click on the key and a page with more info will open
  7. If we have admin access, send Client Support the name of the key we should use. If we do not have admin access, download the APNS Key and send that to Client Support. 

If you do not want us to use an existing APNS key, one of the existing keys will need to be revoked and a new key created for our use. In this case, please either revoke one of the APNS keys and create a new one or if we have admin access, let us know which one you would like to revoke and we will both revoke and create a new one for our purposes. 

Revoking and Create APNS Keys:
  1. To revoke, click on a key and select revoke in the top right corner
  2. To create, select the "+" button
  3. Make "Aloompa" the Key Name
  4. Make sure "Apple Push Notifications service (APNs)" is checked
  5. Select continue, register, download, etc
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