How to Create a Google Play Account

ALL CLIENTS PLEASE NOTEThis is vital to the development process of your app. Until we receive Admin access to your Google Play Developer Account, we will not be able to send you a test build and won't be able to move forward with the development process.

If you are a new client, please refer to the steps below to set up a Google Play Developer Account and invite Aloompa as an Admin. If you are a returning client, it is strongly encouraged that you login to Google Play to ensure that your account is in good standing.

**NEW CLIENTS: You will be required to upload a driver's license as part of the verification process. This is REQUIRED. We will not be able to ship an app through your account without this completed.

STEP 1: Log out of all of your Google accounts. This will ensure that you are not creating an account for any of your other business or personal Gmail accounts.

STEP 2: Visit and log in with the Google account you would like to create your Google Play account under. Clients typically use a universal company email instead of an individual's email.

Please note that this email will be used for all of your Google account and app communications, so it's important to choose an email that is checked frequently!

STEP 3: Select 'An organization' as the type of account to set up.

STEP 4: Continue through the steps and name your Developer Account. When naming your account, it's important to give it a name that resonates with your brand and your event. This can often be used to find your app in the Google Play store.

STEP 5: Link your payments profile to verify your organization. This is required in order to set up a Google Play Developer Account.

STEP 6:  Continue through the remaining setup steps until you reach the Google Play Developer Dashboard. From here, you can invite Aloompa as an admin by navigating to the Users and Permissions.

STEP 7: Click on 'Invite new users' to enter the information required for the Admin invite.

STEP 8: Complete the fields with the following information and send the invite.

From here, Aloompa will accept the invite and will be able to ship the Android app on your behalf. If you are curious on the status of your invite, please reach out to us at

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