Advanced CMS Guide

The following guide will walk you through a few of our most robust features. Many of these are offered as add-on products and incur an additional cost. 

If you do not currently have access to the functionality mentioned here, touch base with Client Support for more details by using the Support beacon or Contact icon.

Before diving into these, be sure to check out our CMS Quick Start Guide for the basics of getting started with the CMS.

Native Forms:

Native Forms allow you to request information from your customers via an online form or survey. Our solution is flexible and customizable, from marketing and sponsorship applications to wristband registration or prize entry forms. Select from multiple choice answers, drop-downs, basic text fields, and more. Native Forms can be incorporated as an on-boarding form that your customers are prompted to fill out when they initially open the app, as a primary menu button, or in many other locations within your app. 

A step-by-step guide for how to create a Native Form can be found here: How to Create a Native Form

To download the responses to your Native Form, navigate to the CMS --> Settings --> Export and click the Download button next to your "Native Form Responses"

Landing Pages:

Landing Pages can be used to add landing pages to your app's navigation menu, including buttons that can link out to other apps or websites. 

Read more about this feature here: Landing Pages

A step-by-step guide for how to create a Landing Page can be found here: How to Create a Landing Page

Partners & Banners:

Our Partners Screen lives in the app as a tab and can hold multiple ad banners. This is a great opportunity to promote multiple sponsors at once. The static images are clickable, allowing you to direct customers directly to the sponsor URL. 

Partners can also reach users through our in-app ad rotating banners. The static images live at the bottom of almost any screen in the app and are a non-intrusive way of advertising to attendees. The images are clickable, allowing you to direct customers directly to the sponsor URL. 

Browse a few ideas for sponsorship here: Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn how to set up your Sponsor Banners here: Adding Rotating Sponsor Banners

Learn how to set up a Sponsors or Partners section in your app here: How to Add Partners

And, how to change the display order of those partners here: How to Reorder Partners

Camera Frames:

Creating custom photo frames allows you to incorporate your event's branding into a medium that is both fun and easy to share. 

A guide for creating camera frames can be found here: How to add Branded Camera Frames

Language Support

The process of making your app available to customers using non-English languages is intuitive and comprehensive, with the ability to add a translation to every text field your customers will see.

This guide will walk you through the process: Language Support and Translations Guide

Learn about the Translations screen in the CMS here: Translations Screen - How to change verbiage in your app

Web Embeds

Avoid double data entry and use our CMS to manage events, lineup, schedule, and/or points of interest for both your website and app at the same time. Fans can see who’s playing, browse bios, music, and videos in artist profiles, and preview all the attractions that make your event special. We provide a simple embed code or API access and put most of the power in your hands for complete UI customization.

This guide will walk you through the process: Web Embeds

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