Order Management Guide

The Order Management tool works hand in hand with your LiveOrder store, allowing you to manage the fulfillment of purchased items onsite. 

To access Order Management visit: https://ordermanagement.aloompa.com/

If you do not currently have a login, please contact Client Support using the Support beacon or Contact icon for assistance. 

Access Levels

There are two levels of access available for you and your onsite employees

Admin: With this access level, you have the user rights to add users and administer/view orders from all locations. 

Order Manager: With this access level, you can select to only display specific Locations to that employee. So, if you have employees working at a Merch location who you do not want to see Concessions details you can control that with this access level. Order Managers also do not have the user rights to add users to Order Management. Other than these two differences, the Order Manager role can access all other functionality. 

When a user is added to Order Management, they will receive an email with a temporary password and username. They must reset their password within 1 week or the temporary password will expire. If the password expires, please contact Client Support. There is no way to send a password again, this will require an Aloompa administrator to correct it. 

Home Screen:

On the main screen when you log in you will see all orders placed on your LiveOrder store. 

  • You have the ability to search by customer name, contact info, delivery location, or order ID (which the customer receives in their text confirmation). You can also click the camera icon to open the camera on the device and scan the QR code that the customer received with their confirmation. 
  • Filter by location allows Admin level users the ability to filter the orders they are seeing to a specific location. 
  • Filters across the top of the orders allow you to focus on All orders or those only Pending, Ready, Fulfilled, Flagged, or Resolved. 
  • Click on the Order Time column to change the sort order of the orders, viewing either the most recent or oldest at the top of the list.
  • Click on the customer's name to filter the order list to only those with their name.
  • Update the status of their order by using the buttons in the Order Flow column.
    • Pending: The order was placed but has not been filled yet.
    • Ready: The order was filled and is ready for the customer to pick up.
    • Fulfilled: The order was picked up by the customer and is completely fulfilled.
  • Click the 3 dots in the Actions column to view your available actions.

  • Print: Prints the order details. This is helpful if your fulfillment process onsite requires that you print a physical copy of the order. We've had clients use this for the fulfillment of merchandise items. 
    • Note: If you would like to use the print functionality, please discuss this with Client Support well in advance of your event to allow ample setup and testing. 
  • Order Details: Displays the full order details, including customer data. Keep reading lower on this screen for a screenshot of this. 
  • Flag: Selecting Flag will open a modal that allows you to specify the issue at hand. You can select if the customer is requesting a Full or Partial refund or another problem and then type in more detail about the situation. Later in this guide, we'll go over how to review Flagged orders and more details about this. 

  • Click on the Order Id to view the Order Details. This is helpful if a customer has placed an order with multiple items. This view also allows you to see the customer's email address and phone number if you need to contact them directly. 

  • Send Reminders

This functionality allows you to manually send messages to customers with orders in specific stages. Customers receive an order confirmation once they place their order but they will not automatically receive any follow-up messages about their order. Note that all orders in this status will receive the message each time you send a reminder. i.e. if you have 2 orders ready for pickup and send the message to those 2 but they remain in ready status and another 3 orders are added to ready status, sending the reminder message again will message all 5 orders. 

Flagged Orders

We recommend you review flagged orders at least once a day. 

Once an order has been flagged it will appear in the Flagged Orders filter. Click into the Actions column and select Update Flag. This allows you to update any details on the flagged order or remove the flag. 

To resolve the flagged orders, navigate to the top right corner of your screen and select Order Resolution. Here, click into the Actions column again and now you will see a Resolve action. Resolving the order removes the flag from the order and moves the status to Resolved. This should only be done when you are done managing the resolution of this order - i.e. you've issued the refund or otherwise reached out to the customer about the issue. 

Note: there is no way to issue a refund in Order Management or LiveOrder. All refunds are issued through Square. A link to a helpful Square article on processing refunds can be found here: All About Square


You should not need to modify most of the fields in the settings screen. When we create your LiveOrder and Order Management portals, we will complete the setup of all relevant fields on this screen. There are a few helpful settings you are welcome to modify:

  • Invite Users - feel free to invite your own users to the system. 
  • Modify the Stage display names. The default order stages are Pending, Ready, and Fulfilled. If your staff uses different terms, go ahead and modify the names here. Just keep in mind they flow in order - Stage 1 --> Stage 2 --> Stage 3.

Best Practices:

  • Review flagged orders at the very least once a day. 
  • If internet connectivity is an issue, note that Order Management will sync when it comes back online. However, this can create fulfillment issues so it is recommended that you only use this with good connectivity. If a customer places an order and the internet is out for a period of time, the customer could arrive at the pickup location expecting their order while you cannot see it yet. 
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