Overview: Presence (powered by Crowd Connected)

Aloompa has teamed up with Crowd Connected to help you map the movement of your event attendees in real-time using geolocation services. 

By including this functionality in your app, you gain the ability to track your users with location services on their mobile devices from the moment they open your event app and agree to allow location tracking. A geofence (aka a region in Crowd Connected) is a virtual barrier defined based on latitude and longitude. When a device detects a geofence through location-based services, it can trigger an alert to the device via your mobile app. 

The Aloompa & Crowd Connected partnership gives our clients the best of both platforms, including:

  • A user-friendly experience as the event producer. Crowd Connected offers an easy-to-use and intuitive CMS (Content Management System), putting the power in your hands. Draw regions on your event map representing areas you would like to analyze and gain a greater understanding of traffic flow to and within your event. Crowd Connected's flexibility allows you to define these areas at any point in time - prior to the start of your event or even after the event has occurred. The device locations are being tracked and logged when a user agrees to allow this - what you decide to do with that information is up to you!
  • Use Crowd Connected regions to send segmented push notifications to attendees using your Aloompa app, unlocking sponsorship opportunities as well as actionable instructions to your attendees on site. For outdoor events, there are no minimum distances for the regions you draw.
  • View a variety of metrics within Crowd Connected during your event including live heat maps. 
  • You'll receive the same powerful post-event reporting you're accustomed to with Presence. We'll deliver you an analytics deck customized for your event that you can take directly to your stakeholders.

Getting Started

Thanks to Crowd Connected's flexible CMS, you are now able to define regions and set up messaging quickly and easily on your own. This eliminates the need to perfect everything regarding your setup in advance. The most important items we need to get you started are:

  • To increase user acceptance, aim to include location-based tracking at the time your launch your app. This will also give you the most detail on your attendees, allowing you to see their location upon first opening the app. Plan to discuss this with Client Support at least 2 weeks before your app's launch to confirm your account's initial setup. 
  • Send us the CAD map of your event as soon as you decide to use this functionality. This is the first step in getting your Crowd Connected account created.
  • Let us know who will be administering the setup of your Crowd Connected details. We'll add them to the Crowd Connected CMS system and make sure they receive training and support. Your Aloompa Client Support team will be your point of contact for all of this - we've become experts on this functionality to best assist you.  
  • Envision how you want to use this functionality and discuss strategy with Client Support to ensure we can meet each use case as well as to get tips on setup within the Crowd Connected CMS.
    • What areas of your event do you want to analyze during or after your event? For example: 
      • How many people attended the headliner events? 
      • What were the most popular times people entered the event and which entrance was most used?
      • How long did customers spend in line at concessions stands?
      • How many people entered or were exposed (passed nearby) to certain sponsor tents?
    • Do you want to use geolocation services to message your customers? For example:
      • Welcome attendees when they arrive.
      • Send sponsored messages to attendees as they pass near sponsored tents.
      • Remind anyone who is not in the vicinity of the headliner to make their way over for the main attraction.
      • Send exclusive content to event attendees.

Presence Post-Event Reporting

After the completion of your event, we will send you a post-event report summarizing all of the data gathered at your event. Here are a few of the details you can expect:

  • Total users seen by Presence
  • A breakdown, by your defined regions that includes 
    • % of users seen at that location (# seen at that location compared to total # of Presence users seen at the event)
    • Average dwell time (how long did people spend at this location, on average)
    • Daily and hourly traffic numbers
  • A breakdown, by the message sent, of the number of users reached by your messaging.
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