Getting Users Engaged

When using Presence, app users will be prompted to enable location services the first time they open your app. 

If you enable Presence after the initial shipment of your app, or if you simply want to increase the number of users who opt-in to allow location services, we suggest that you send a notification to all app users in the days leading up to your event encouraging them to check their location settings. Incentivize the use of this product with your messaging and deeplink the notification directly to these opt-in screens, which are called the Health Check screens in your app. 

Simply navigate to the Messaging screen in the CMS --> Create a new Notification --> add in your Notification Title and Message and select "This Notification is a Deeplink" and then select Health Check from the Deep Link dropdown. When users tap on this notification they will be taken directly to the screens to modify notification and location services settings. 

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