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In the past, we’ve carefully crafted a post-event report to provide you with data and insights for your app. If you were looking for data before your event ended, you could access that directly from Google Analytics…but we all know that can get overwhelming very quickly! We’ve taken the most relevant data from Google Analytics and added that directly to this dashboard that you can easily access using your login to the CMS. 

Please note, Google Analytics takes up to 24-48 hours to process the data represented in this dashboard. Because of this, the earliest data you can view on this dashboard is from 24 to 48 hours ago.

  1. To access your Analytics Dashboard select the navigation module from the top right corner of your screen and click Analytics.

2. There are 5 tabs across the top of your screen - App Overview, Screens, Banners and Partners, Engagement, and Settings. We'll review each one individually. Note that most screens include a date range. Adjust the dates in the top right corner to view your preferred date range. The data you are viewing is filtered based on this date range. Use the Export to PDF button to export your data - the report will be built based on the date range you have applied.

The App Overview tab displays the following data points:

Total Users: Total number of users, regardless of if they used the app in that time frame.

Sessions: The total number of app sessions over the time period set.

Average Session Duration: The average session time of all app users in the time frame.

Active Users: Total number of users that used the app in that time frame. 

Operating System Breakdown: Percentage of users on iOS devices vs. Android.

Gender Breakdown: Percentage of users who identified as Male vs. Female. 

Age Breakdown: Breakdown of the age of your app users. 

App Sessions Over Time: The number of app sessions displayed over the time frame set.

New Users Over Time: The number of new users displayed over the time frame set. 

Top Affinity Users: The Top interests of the app users. 

The Screens tab displays individual screens within your app, including the Screen Type, the total number of Screen Views, Unique Screen Views, and the Average Time spent on each screen. 

The Banners and Partners tab displays all data related to the sponsors of your app. This includes data on both views and clicks from the Partner/Sponsor tab of your app as well as any banners you are using. 

The Engagement tab displays data for both Schedule Counts and Push Notifications. This data can be exported to CSV.

Schedule Count shows you each event on your app, the location, start time, and the number of times users have selected this event to add to their individual schedules.

Push Notifications shows you each notification you have sent to your app users, the time the message was sent, the number of messages sent, and the engagement rate (% of users who clicked on the notification). 

The Settings tab is for use by Aloompa only at this time. Please do not modify these settings as it will impact the functionality of your Analytics Dashboard. 

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