Video Series: CMS Quick Start

Welcome to our CMS Quick Start Video Series. Watch these videos in the order they are displayed below to get an overview of how to use the CMS, examples of content within our apps, and a few tips along the way. 

Use the Full-Screen option in the bottom right of each video to view these videos in a larger format. 

If you prefer a written guide, read our CMS Quick Start Guide.

The first time you log in to the CMS, you will be asked to provide details about your event. We refer to this as your onboarding process. 

Watch this Onboarding Overview for a walk-through of the onboarding process. 

1. Logging in and Navigating the CMS

2. Categories, Places, and Stages

3. Performers

4. Events

5. Articles

6. FAQ

7. Static Images (Static Map)

8. Social

9. Messaging (Push Tags & Notifications)

10. Design Screen: Marquee & News Header Image

11. Partners & Banners

12. Settings & Testing Your App

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