Scavenger Hunt Overview

Our Scavenger Hunt feature allows you to create event programs designed to engage attendees, drive specific engagement activities or sponsorship activations, and reward participants with prizes, perks, or benefits.*

*NOTE: Please note that Aloompa's Scavenger Hunt product does not have the ability to reward users for complete challenges with prizes via the app. Any prizes that are rewarded to users will need to be done outside of the app. Please keep this in mind when communicating to your users!

Drive additional downloads of your app by running Scavenger Hunts before, during and after your event.  Encourage users to complete a list of QR scans at various locations such as merch booths or sponsorship activations. As each QR code is scanned, it is automatically marked off the user’s list.

Scavenger Hunt also includes the opportunity for marketing teams to collect user data. Each Challenge has the option to include a Form with a variety of fields customizable by your team.

Use Scavenger Hunt to enter participants into a sweepstakes, or even as a way to select a winner from those who complete every scan. Our easy to use Rewards CMS allows you to select Challenges and export a report containing the data on each user who scanned so you can select a winner.

Challenges can be listed as a category on the GPS map for easy navigation at your event.  Print QR codes for physical check in locations, or remove QR functionality for virtual challenges.

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