LiveOrder - Square Reporting

Square offers a range of reporting that you can learn about in detail on their knowledge base here. We have also compiled a few reports we recommend for you in this article.

  • Total Items Sold
    • Found in Reports --> Item Sales --> Filter by Source "Aloompa"
      • 1. Navigate to

        2. Click Reports.

        Screenshot of: Click Reports.

        3. Click "Item sales"

        Screenshot of: Click

        4. Click "Filter By"

        Screenshot of: Click

        5. Click the "Source" field.

        Screenshot of: Click the

        6. Click "All Sources"

        Screenshot of: Click

        7. Click the "Aloompa LiveOrder" field. The Total Items Sold can be found in the Items Sold column.

        Screenshot of: Click the

  • Item Sales:
    • Found in Reports --> Sales Report --> Filter by Source "Aloompa" --> Each item is listed in this report. You can view the Items Sold and Gross Sales.
  • Tips:
    • Found in Reports --> Item Sales --> Filter by Source "Aloompa" - Item name is "Tip" - View the Gross Tips collected

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