Testing Your iOS App

When your app is ready for testing, you can simply download a test version of your app to your iOS device by following these steps:

1. Download TestFlight by visiting this link on your iOS phone.

2. From your phone, click on the link you were provided in your test build email, which should look something like this: https://testflight.apple.com/join/2Z2padoO

    1. This link should open TestFlight and open a window with a button that says "Accept."
    2. Sometimes on first try this doesn't pop open the window with the accept button. If it doesn't, just click on the link again.

3. Once accepted, click on "Install". The app should begin installing and should be ready to test within a few minutes.

4. You can share your link and these instructions with anyone you would like to test your app on iOS.

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