Ship To Home Setup

In the LiveOrder CMS, you will see the section titled Store Messages: Allow Delivery Selection. This is applicable if you will be shipping something to the customer. 

Select the "Allow Delivery Selection" box if you would like to request delivery details from customers during their checkout process.

Delivery Location Input Label: this allows you to name the field called "Shipping Address" in the modal that pops up once the customer selects to complete their purchase.

Delivery Location Input Placeholder: this field allows you to add a hint within the Shipping Address field (123 Home Dr. in the image below). 

The Full Name and Phone Number fields are not configurable.

We recommend you add details to the following fields to reference details such as expected shipping times, refund policies, and how people can contact you if they need assistance:

  • Category Disclaimer for your Ship To Home Category. This appears below the item the customer is purchasing as they checkout. 
    • For example, "No refunds. All sales are final. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the shipment from the time we close the Ship to Home Merch Store on Sunday, May 9 at 10:00pm ET. If there is an issue with our order, contact us at" 
  • Purchase Disclaimer 
  • Coming Soon details
  • Order Confirmation Text/Email

For more details on these fields, please check our LiveOrder CMS Guide. (coming soon!)

When using the Allow Delivery Selection feature, both the Location and the Category must have the Tip disabled. 

Access the Category details in Settings - Exposition Settings - click on the name of the Category and scroll down and ensure the Tip checkbox is not selected. 

Access the Location details on the home screen of your LiveOrder CMS. Select the Category and then the Location within the Category. 

Here, ensure the Tip Visibility is Disabled, the Shipping Location is enabled, and set your Shipping Cost. 

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