Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Can we edit the URL to match our website URL?
    • A: We cannot currently modify the URL. We have this on our roadmap to complete in the future!
  • Q: What type of notifications do customers receive when they place an order?
    • A: When a customer places an order, they receive a notification with a confirmation of their order. This is their receipt. They will not automatically receive additional notifications after the initial confirmation.
    • Tip! If you are using the Order Management portal to manage the fulfillment of items on-site, you can select orders of like status (i.e. pending / ready / fulfilled) and send a message to all orders in that status. Select the Status --> Send Reminders in the top right corner. 
  • Q: What details do you collect from customers in LiveOrder? 
    • Customers purchasing with the credit card option are only required to enter their billing name, credit card details, and zip code. 
    • If you are using our Ship to Home feature, the prompt used to verify their shipping address requests their full name, phone, email, and address. You can locate these details in Square on the order or transaction screens. 
  • Q: If I need to make changes to products in LiveOrder, is that done in Square or in LiveOrder CMS (Admin)?
    • All product changes related to pricing and inventory are made in Square. LiveOrder CMS only manages the grouping of items by Category and Location for your LiveOrder storefront. 
  • Q: What currencies are supported?
    • We support all currencies that Square supports - CAD, GBP, FKP, AUD, YEN, EUR, and USD.
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