How to Register a New Bundle ID

If you did not grant Aloompa admin permissions to your developer account, please follow these steps to register a new bundle ID:

  1. Login to
    1. Select “Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”
    2. Select “Identifiers” from the menu on the left
    3. Select the “+” button next to “Identifiers”
    4. Make sure “App IDs” is selected
    5. Fill in the Description field with app name
    6. Fill in the bundle ID field
      1. the format of this field should be com.companyname.eventname, for example com.aloompa.summerfest
    7. Check the “Push Notifications” box
    8. Select “Continue”
    9. Select “Register”
  2. Register Image Notification bundle ID
    1. Repeat steps 1.a through e
    2. Fill in the Description field with the app name plus “Image Notification"
      1. for example, "VidCon US Image Notification"
    3. Paste the bundle id and add “.ImageNotification” to the end
      1. for example, com.companyname.eventname.ImageNotification
    4. Select “Continue”
    5. Select “Register”

**Do NOT select “Push Notifications” for the Image Notification ID**

After the Bundle ID is created, create an app on App Store Connect:

  1. Log in to
    1. Select “My Apps”
    2. Select “+” button
    3. Select “New App”
    4. Check “iOS”
    5. Enter the official App Store name.
    6. Select the Language (English US)
    7. Find the bundle ID you created in Apple Developer in the Bundle ID Dropdown list
    8. Enter the same bundle ID as the SKU (again, the same com.companyname.eventname you used in previous steps)
    9. Select “Create”
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