All About Square

This guide contains an assortment of helpful tips and resources for working with Square as your payment processor and item/inventory management system. 

Account Setup: 

If you do not have an account, please visit, create an account and follow their onboarding steps to complete. There is generally no lead time required when creating an account with Square - you should receive your account immediately. 

We support all currencies that Square supports - CAD, GBP, FKP, AUD, YEN, EUR, and USD.


If you need to refund an order this is done through Square. Please review their guide on how to Process Refunds.

Inventory Management: 

If you need to limit the inventory of items you are selling please review this Square guide on Basic Inventory Management

Item Creation & Management:

Please review this Square guide on how to Create and Manage Items Online

Items - Best Practices

When selling merchandise, use the Variations option in Square to add sizing. In the image below, we set up a single item with multiple variations in Square. On your LiveOrder store, this will display as a single item and allow the customer to select the variation (in this case, a size) and quantity. 

Square setup with multiple variations: 

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