How to Add Partners

Scroll down to read a step-by-step guide on how to add Partners, or watch this video.

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Event Data"

3. Click "Partners"

If you do not see the Partners tab, please contact Client Support using the Support beacon or Contact icon.

4. Click "+ New Partner"

5. Enter the Partner Name

6. Click "Please select a deep link..." and either select an existing Deep Link if it is already in the system.

Tip: A Deep Link is not required but can increase engagement between your customers and sponsors. 

7. If the deep link does not yet exist, click "Create a New Deep Link"

8. Click "Select a type..."

9. Click "Native WebView" if you want the website to be viewed within the app. 

Click "External WebView" if you want the website to open in the user's default browser.

Tip: If the website has a cookies policy pop up then the website must be set up as an External WebView.

For a full tutorial on each of the available Deep Link options, review our All About Deep Links Guide

10. Give your link a name and enter the website address in the Link URL field.

Tip: The URLS must contain http:// or https:// in order to be linkable in the app.

11. Click "Save Deep Link"

12. Add an image to the Partner. 

Tip: Partner images appear in the mobile app as a list of banners. Images should be PNG or JPEG files and sized at approximately 640w x 178h pixels.

13. Click "Save Partner"

14. Click the "Choose a Category" field.
Click "Partners"

15. Click "Save Partner"

16. Repeat Steps 4-15 as needed for additional partners. Once you're done making all changes, click "Publish" to have your changes appear in the app.

Tip: There is not a set limit to the number of Partners or Sponsors that can be entered.

17. Select "Publish All Changes"

18. Click "Confirm"

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