Sponsorship Opportunities

A common thread throughout each app is the need to creatively partner with sponsors and brands. This overview shows different ways our technology can be applied to sponsorship activations within events. We hope it will help you think of creative new ways to monetize the mobile app and create lasting brand partnerships.

Home Screen Sponsor 

Adding a logo to the home screen is a great way for sponsors to engage with audiences digitally. This premier placement allows the brand to be seen by every user as they open the app, providing maximum visibility to top sponsors. This logo is clickable, allowing you to direct customers directly to the sponsor URL. 

Rotating Sponsor Banners

Partners can also reach users through our in-app ad rotating banners. The static images live at the bottom of any screen in the app and are a non-intrusive way of advertising to attendees. The images are clickable, allowing you to direct customers directly to the sponsor URL. 

Partners Screen

Our Partners Screen lives in the app as a tab and can hold multiple ad banners. This is a great opportunity to promote multiple sponsors at once. The static images are clickable, allowing you to direct customers directly to the sponsor URL. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to sell sponsorship. You have the flexibility to include text, images, and URL links to direct users to the sponsor's content. One great way to engage customers with the sponsor is by using notifications for specific activations prior to or during the event.

Custom Camera Frames

Our in-app camera frames are a great way to get attendees to engage and interact with the event and the sponsor's brand through social media. When the user selects our camera and takes a picture, they can then add one of four custom branded photo frames which they can then share on various social media platforms.

Photo Challenge

Our in-app games are a great way to encourage attendees to engage with brands both in-app and on-site. In this scenario, Southwest sponsored our photo challenge, which prompts users to complete the card for the chance to win a Southwest gift card. To officially be entered to win, the user must post the card to social media with the hashtags that are preset by you.

Map Icons

Our map options allow event producers to add pins to a custom GPS map with logos as the backdrop. This more subtle activation allows sponsors to increase awareness as attendees are searching for their next location.

Native Forms

Use our native registration form to capture attendee information and reward fans with prizes during the event. This sponsored area not only engages with fans but allows you to provide back to the brand to build future attendee relationships. 

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