What to Expect

The Timeline

We suggest allowing 12 weeks from the date the contract is signed to go through the mobile app development process. The process can be accomplished in a minimum of 8 weeks if you have all assets and event data ready to go at the time of signing. If you purchase add-on features such as Live Order, Presence, or Rewards then we suggest a minimum of 12 weeks to get the most out of the features. 

Please note, if you are unable to grant us admin access to your app accounts your timeline will be extended by 2-4 weeks. 

Weeks 1-2: The Legwork

In these weeks you will sign up for mobile app developer accounts, provide brand artwork, and work with the client support team to make decisions on how you want your app to function.

Once you officially sign up with us, you will receive an automated email. It is important that you review this and get started to ensure you're able to meet your timeline goals. This email will welcome you (or welcome you back!) to Aloompa and review the major steps to begin the process. It will also include a login (or reminder that you already have a login) to our CMS (Content Management System). Please visit the CMS as soon as you can, as we've added a new onboarding process that gathers basic details about your event to kick off your app development with us. 

Watch this Onboarding Overview for a walk-through of the new onboarding process. 

Check for emails from clientsupport@aloompa.com and be sure to add this account to your safe sender's list if you catch anything in your Junk folder. 

Weeks 3-4: Get the Ball Rolling

Our team will provide design mockups and ask for feedback. Once designs are approved, the app will go into development.

Please note that once designs are approved and development begins certain changes to your app will result in a delay to this timeline. Please review our article What can I update on my app?. Any item that requires Client Support to make an update will extend the timeline by 72 hours and once your app has shipped, any items that require a reshipment or require design work will extend the timeline by 1-2 weeks. Once designs are approved, any item that requires a redesign could extend your timeline up to 2 weeks.

Weeks 5-6: Mobile Development

You will receive a test build of the app and training on how to enter data into the CMS. This phase is for testing the app, entering your data, and getting the app exactly how you want it. The length of this phase is dependent on how long it takes you to enter your data and test the app. 

Weeks 7-9: Sealing the Deal

Once you approve your app it will be prepared to be submitted to the app stores. It takes one to two weeks for Apple and Google Play to review apps. Once they approve then you can choose when the app is made available for download. We recommend releasing your app the night prior to any announcements - it can take up to 24 hours for your app to fully propagate throughout the app stores for all users.

Best Practices

  • Allowing more time to develop your app will provide you will more time to get sponsors involved, collect data, and make a plan to use your app as a marketing tool. We suggest beginning your timeline 12 weeks before the start of your event.
  • Making your app available for download 4-6 weeks before your event allows for a higher user adoption rate.
  • Work the release of your app into your marketing schedule. Review our Social Media & Announcement Guide for tips.

Staying on Track

  • Once we receive payment for your first invoice, we will begin work on your project. Ensure your invoice is paid so we can get started and meet your planned timeline.
  • Sign up for developer accounts through Apple and Google Play if this is a new app. If needed, you can find step-by-step instructions here
  • Gather your design assets. Review our Design Asset List article for more details. Ensure that the person responsible for artwork is available for any questions or requested updates to be made.
  • Identify who on your team will be responsible for data input. Details such as the performer details, schedules, maps, and more will need to be entered in the Aloompa Content Management System (CMS). Ensure the person responsible for this task is available and understands the timeline. 
  • Prepare any third-party partners in advance. For example, if you are including sponsors in your app you should gather their logo, links, and other necessary details so you are able to quickly integrate partners into your app. 
  • Browse other event apps we have developed and gather ideas for how you would like to structure your menu buttons. Check out what we offer Types of Home Screen and start to envision what you would like for your app.

Expedited Timelines

We understand that things don't always go as planned when you're organizing an event. Though we do offer expedited timelines for an additional fee, many action items in the timeline above fall outside of Aloompa's control. We are not able to reduce the app store approval processes as these are dependent on Google Play and Apple and can take up to two weeks. Ensuring that you follow our tips for Staying on Track above is essential but please be aware that attempting to expedite your release timeline primarily leads to shorter turnaround times for you to complete tasks.

Things to be aware of

  • Aloompa’s adherence to the timeline outlined above is conditional upon the Client fulfilling their duties within the stated time periods.
  • Timeline delays due to Client delays or design changes after approval may reduce or eliminate app review periods and/or push app shipping and subsequent release date back.
  • If an app's release date is within forty-five (45) business days and the client misses one or more timeline deadlines, Aloompa may apply a "rush fee."
  • Aloompa will have the final determination on whether a delayed app can be delivered on time (relative to the original timeline), delivered late, or, in exceptional circumstances, not delivered at all.
  • A full redesign of your app will incur a fee and be subject to an additional 4-6 weeks time frame. 
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