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At Aloompa, we believe in continuous improvement. It's what has made us the market leader in mobile app development for live events. We frequently release updates to our Content Management System (CMS) and mobile apps. Check out our most recent improvements below! 

If you're curious about what we have coming soon, check out this Coming Soon Guide

*Review the key at the bottom of this page for an explanation of Auto Deploy vs. Requires Reship.*

March 8, 2023

  1. You can now choose to sort your Places/Stages in a custom order vs. alphabetically on the Schedule - Where screen. For details on how to do this, check out this guide: How to Reorder the Schedule - Where Screen (Stages/Places) (Auto Deploy to CMS, Requires Reship to view changes in app)
  2. Web Embed updates.
    1. Web embeds now offer language support! We’ve added fields for translations into the web embed editor and we now detect the user's browser language settings and display the respective translations, if they are programmed in the CMS. If the language of the browser does not match the translation language, we display English by default. 
    2. In the CMS, when you are modifying the design of your web embeds the design-builder is now more intuitive. We’ve split out the design components into tabs, and when you select Pop-up Design the pop-up will respond and open automatically so you can easily see where you’re making changes. 
    3. We’ve improved the user experience within your web embeds by reducing the number of lines of description that are displayed to your guests. Now, guests will see 3 lines and a “read more” prompt that they can select to read the full description. This ensures that your guests see all of the important details included below the description field. 
  3. App Improvements
  4. We now offer the ability to lock the header image at the top of your home screen when you are using our slide-out (previously called Discover screen). When an app has a slide-out menu, the home screen page features an image at the top and featured content below. By default, the header image moves as the user scrolls down the list of featured content. We now offer the ability to lock that header image so that only the featured content will move as the user scrolls. Please contact Client Support if you would like to use this new display option. (

February 15, 2023

  1. New App Store screen in the CMS. You will notice a new tab in your CMS called App Store. In the past, we have gathered details about your App Store accounts and preferences through Trello. As we continue to work toward simplifying your workflow with us, we've moved these details into the CMS. For full details, refer to the App Store section of our CMS Quick Start Guide(Auto Deploy)
  2. New Display Event End Times setting. We've heard from a number of clients that they would like to display the end times of their events in their apps. There are now two new settings in the CMS for this. Navigate to Settings - General - and check "Display End Times in Event Details" if you want to display the full range of time within Event Details and “Display Event End Times in List View” if you want to display the full range of time on the list of events (i.e. 9pm-11pm vs 9pm). (Requires Reship)
  3. Randomize your Sponsor Banners. We added the ability to display sponsor banner ads in random order. You still have the ability to list banners in a specific order if that works for you, but now you can also select to "Randomize Banner Order." For more details on using banners, check out our guide Adding Rotating Sponsor Banners (Paid Add-On, Requires Reship)
  4. User Groups. We are often asked by clients for a way to segment data within their app to different types of users. For example, if you are hosting a conference and there are distinct groups that have their own specific content. We've added new functionality called User Groups that allows you to filter data for your app users based on their self-selection into a specific group. So, Group 1 can view content specific to Group 1 while Group 2 sees Group 2 content. This is a new premium product offering. Details on this functionality are available here: Premium Feature - User Groups and Setup instructions can be found here: User Groups(Paid Add-On, Requires Reship)
  5. Web Embed Updates. Our web embed product lets you avoid double data entry and use our CMS to manage events, lineups, schedules, and/or points of interest for both your website and app at the same time. Now, the product is even better with a series of improvements we made. The screens for designing your web embeds has been given a complete makeover and is now significantly more user friendly. We've renamed and reorganized the fields to better align with their use and allow you to find what you need faster. We've also made the embeds "talk" to each other - now, when a user is viewing an event, they can navigate through to view performer details and vice versa. We've also added a few new options for customization and done some work behind the scenes to ensure our embeds play nicely with your websites and mobile devices. Learn more about the changes and this product on our Web Embeds Guide. (Paid Add-On, Auto Deploy)

January 25, 2023

  1. We now track the number of views on your app launch screen. Previously, there was no mechanism in place to track the number of views the launch screen received. As we've seen more clients using the launch screen for sponsor advertisements, we knew it was important for us to start tracking the views on this screen. We now connect an ID to that screen so it can be tracked. You can find this data in your Analytics Dashboard in the CMS - check the Screens tab and search for Launch Screen. Review our Analytics Dashboard guide for more information. (Auto Deploy)
  2. You can now enter locations for your GPS map that have the same latitude and longitude. In the past, our CMS restricted you from entering two locations (Places or Stages) with identical GPS coordinates. We know the reality is, some of your points of interest might have the same physical location. So, we've lifted that restriction and now allow you to enter the latitude and longitude as you wish, even if that means it appears in the exact same spot as another point. (Auto Deploy)

November 16, 2022

  1. The Analytics Dashboard now has the option to download a PDF version of the report. Once you've added a date range, a PDF will be built based on that date range and an icon will appear so you can Export the PDF. Review our Analytics Dashboard guide for more information. (Auto Deploy)
  2. Map Overlays
    1. For those using our GPS Maps, you now have the ability to add a map overlay in the CMS yourself. In the past, Aloompa had to do this for you and there was a considerable amount of time required to complete the task on our side. Now, there is an easy-to-use interface within your map. For more details, review our guide GPS Maps - Map Overlay.

October 28, 2022

1. Client Support Updates
  1. Our Client Support team is excited to announce they now offer biweekly CMS Training sessions. Schedule a session at least 4 hours in advance of the training start time and get ready to learn the ins and outs of our CMS system!
  2. Browse our Knowledge Base! We’ve added a ton of content to help you navigate our products, including this CMS Quick Start Video Series
  3. Get answers to your questions faster by chatting in real-time with us! Click the Support icon in the lower right corner of your CMS screen and select Ask. During office hours you’ll see the option to Chat with our Client Support team.

2. App Screen Redesigns - Event Details "Set a Reminder" button (Requires reship)
  1. We’re continuing to improve each screen of our apps with more user-friendly experiences. With this round, we updated the "Set a Reminder" option within Event Details. Users can get a reminder 15 minutes before the start of an event, or another time of their choosing by clicking on the "15 Minutes Before" text.

3. GPS Map Updates (Auto Deploy to CMS, Apps require reship, Paid Add-On)

Pin sizes - We now offer the ability for you to set the size of the map pins on your GPS maps. Click on your map to edit it, then select Advanced Settings. You can set the pins to appear Small, Medium, or Large. For full details on our GPS Maps refer to our guide Setting Up Your GPS Map

4. Native Forms Updates (Auto Deploy, Paid Add-On)

    1. In our next few releases, we will be updating our Native Forms functionality with the goal of simplifying the setup process for you. In this release, we added a simulator to show you within the CMS how your form will display. We also renamed a few fields to align more with how you use the options and a variety of other small changes. For full details refer to our guide How to Create a Form

October 5, 2022

  1. New Navigation Console (Auto Deploy)
    1. In the top right corner of your screen, to the left of your profile picture or icon, click this icon to access your app Analytics dashboard and other Aloompa products including LiveOrder, Reservations, and the Order Management dashboards. 
  2.  Analytics Dashboard! (Auto Deploy) 
    1. We are so excited to announce the launch of our new Analytics dashboard. In the past, we’ve crafted a post-event report to provide you with data and insights for your app. If you were looking for data before your event ended, you could access that directly from Google Analytics…but we all know that can get overwhelming very quickly! We’ve taken the most relevant data from Google Analytics and added that directly to this dashboard that you can easily access using your login to the CMS. 
    2. Google Analytics takes up to 24-48 hours to process the data represented in this dashboard. Because of this, the earliest data you can view on this dashboard is from 24 to 48 hours ago.
    3. For more information on this new dashboard, check out this article: Analytics Dashboard.

September 15, 2022

  1. GPS Maps - New CMS User Interface
    1. We've simplified the design of our GPS Maps screen in the CMS to make using this functionality more intuitive. The functionality remains largely the same but now you will find that certain settings you frequently were not modifying (such as zoom levels, pin group size, polylines, etc) are hidden under "Advanced Settings" at the bottom of your screen. Simply click to view or hide those settings should you need to use them. Map Options fields such as allowing users to search, filter, or select to view directions are now turned on by default and visible for you to modify. You can also now filter your view of the map by Category. Finally, you can modify the latitude and longitude of Places and Stages on the GPS Maps screen.
  2. Image File Upload is now available for Description fields
    1. Previously, in Places, Stages, Performers, Events, Articles, and FAQ if you wanted to add an image to the description field the image needed to be hosted elsewhere and inserted with a URL into the CMS. We have now added the option to upload a file from your computer to these description fields. 
  3. App screen redesigns 
    1. Many screens in our apps received a facelift, enhancing and simplifying your customer's experience. Impacted screens include Schedule - When, Schedule - Where, Schedule - Grid, My Schedule, Event Details, Place Details, Performer Details, and the Lineup Screen. If your app shipped prior to 9/15/2022 the previous screen designs are still on your app. Apps shipped after this date will receive the new designs. 

August 25, 2022

  1. Import functionality is now available in more places!
    1. We're always looking for a way to help simplify and reduce the amount of data entry you have to do to set up your app. We now offer the ability for you to import data into nearly every screen of the CMS, including Partners, Products and Banners. For more details, review our guide on Importing Your Data.
  2. Allow clients to modify the News Header Image in the CMS (Auto Deploy)
    1. Your client admin login to the CMS now allows you to access the News Header Image, which is the image that displays at the top of your app’s News section. Click on Design → Images to replace this image. 
    2. The recommended image size is 1125 × 705. 

July 15, 2022

  1. Make the "Marquee" screen available to the clients (Auto Deploy)
    1. In the CMS, the Marquee screen was previously only available to Aloompa employees. Clients can now view the Marquee screen, putting more control in your hands. This screen allows you to modify the marquee that appears on the bottom of their app home screen - including the countdown, now and next, text, and deep link functionality. Learn how to control your own marquee here: Including a Marquee
  2. Additional Import Fields for Imports (Auto Deploy)
    1. We added a variety of fields for importing data into our system. These fields previously existed in the CMS but were not available to import, such as GPS Map Name. We made improvements to multiple import files to help you import your data in a more comprehensive way.
  3. Move specific tabs in Settings under Event Data (Auto Deploy)
    1. Previously, the Social, RSS Feeds, and Categories screens lived under the Settings tab in the CMS. Those have now been moved to the bottom of the Event Details screen for greater visibility while working with the CMS. 

June 23, 2022

  1. Dimensions added to image uploaders
    1. We heard you and hope this helps! We offer the ability to load images in a variety of places in the CMS but it was tough to keep track of what size was best for each screen. Now, in the CMS, when an image loader appears the suggested dimensions are included right there on the uploader. This applies to all image uploader screens: Places, Stages, Performers, Events, Articles, Partners, Banners, Static Images, etc. 
  2. Added support for .otf fonts in font uploaders
    1. Requested by our clients and delivered! You want all text in your app to match, providing a cohesive look and feel to your customers. This will help accomplish that. CMS users can now upload an .otf file wherever it is possible to upload fonts (Places, Performers, Events screens, etc.).
  3. Separated POIs and Stages in the CMS
    1. Stages and Places previously co-existed in the CMS's Places tab. This was a bit confusing so we're hoping this change will provide clarity. Places and Stages have been separated and each has its own screen in the CMS. Add Stages in Stages and all other Places of Interest in the Places screen. 
  4. New "Mail" and “Phone” deep link types for Deep Link Screens / Deep Link Landing Pages
    1. We now offer the ability to create a deep link that will link the user directly to their native device mail app. You have the ability to add the following fields: to, cc, bcc, subject, and body. When the user selects this deep link in the app, an email will be created for them to send from their device.
    2. We now offer the ability to create a deep link that will link the user directly to their native phone app. When the user selects this deep link in the app, their phone app will open and place an outgoing call to the number programmed.
  5. Added Twitch to Performer Details social options
    1. Twitch is now available on the Performer Details as a social option. If a user has the Twitch app installed on their phone tapping the Twitch icon will link to the Twitch app using the URL provided. If a user does not have the Twitch app installed, a webview will be opened using the URL provided.
  6. Added TikTok to the app's main Social page 
    1. TikTok is now available to be added on the Social page within an app. If a user has the TikTok app installed on their phone tapping the TikTok icon will link to the TikTok app using the URL provided. If a user does not have the TikTok app installed, a webview will be opened using the URL provided.


Auto Deploy These changes are visible to you automatically, no action is required on your part.
Requires Reship To view these changes on the app side will require a reship of your app. Contact Client Support for assistance.
Paid Add-On This functionality is an add-on feature. When functionality updates are categorized as a paid add-on, we will clarify if they require a reship or will be auto-deployed. 
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